MESSI Labrador Retriever Adult Male for sale in Tucson, Arizona

MESSI's story
Hi, my name is Messi. I am a big happy dog, more like a puppy in my play, but willing to learn to fit into my forever home.
I came to PACC because my family had to move to an apartment and I was just too big. I would love a yard to run around and play with my toys. My favorite toys are rope toys. Sometimes I get mixed up and think the leash is a toy, but with the help of my two friends, Lynne and Gail, I have learned that a leash is not a toy. They say `leave it` and I stop playing with it. But I love rope toys.
I have learned to be calm in my kennel when I am getting ready to go for a walk. I sit nicely and let them put on my harness or clip on the leash. I also sit nicely when I come back to my kennel. I am very excited to go out, so sometimes I jump up and down in my kennel looking for someone to take me for a walk or to play in the yard. Please don`t get frightened when you see my jumping, I am just so excited.
At Fun Camp I have learned the agility course and love running through the poles and my favorite is the tunnel!. I also do great nose work, especially if Lynne has brought me liver sausage and Gail brings me chicken. I learn very quickly with great treats.
I also know how to Sit, Down, Leave it. I am working on Stay and Come. I do a very nice loose leash walk but sometimes I want to run and play. So just call me back and I will settle into a nice walk. But please remember to play with me in the yard and throw me toys. I will run with them and make you laugh, because I am a very happy boy and want to make you happy too.
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